Prodej blokového RD, 404 m2,

Prodej blokového RD, 404 m2,

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Lords Manor of Baroque origin Palazzi Kristofori Prato Sornico Switzerland

We are offering for sale a 17th century Lords Manor of Baroque origin. Palazzi Kristofori, is located in a beautiful and romantic mountain valley in the Swiss-Italian Alps in the Vallemaggia district in Prato Sornico (Lavizzara) in Ticino canton.
Thanks to the painter Jan Kristofori, who lived here with his family from 1973 to 2004, this unique building has been intensively reconstructed, turning it into a perfect combination of nobility and modern comfort, while maintaining its 17th century spirit. It is equipped with unique pieces of artwork and historical furniture.
It was built in 1673 by the wealthy family of Chancellor Iacob Bufferus, and consists of two individual rectangular buildings on different levels of terrain, with a loft apartment. One building has five floors, the other one three, and the two buildings are interconnected by three terraces, staircases and a hanging garden. It has many original, antique elements, such as a black beam (tiled) ceiling with a white floral pattern painted on it, a door with cassette bolstering and especially a stove from talcum slate.
The building has an overall surface of 404 m2. The built-up area is total 182m2, and the garden is 222 m2.
The three storey building has a built-up area of 93 m2, a surface area of 164 m2 and 7 rooms and kitchen. It consists of the ground floor, which has a kitchen of 19.35 m2, and a wine bar of 21.25 m2 with a common terrace; the 1st mezzanine which consists of two technical rooms of 19.24 m2 each; the 1st floor, which includes an 11.6 m2 room with a fireplace, a 10.44 m2 library with a fireplace, a 21.2 m2 living room with a balcony and terrace entrance, a shower and a WC; the 2nd floor, which has one 10.5 m2 room, a 19.6 m2 room with a library, and as separate room with a fireplace, which is 22.96 m2.
The five storey building has 89 m2 of built-up area, and a living area of 236 m2. It consists of 7 rooms and kitchen; a ground floor (half-basement), which has a gallery of 43.41 m2, a 1st floor which has a 34.3 m2 living room with fireplace, a 16.8 m2 passageway room with a staircase and entrance to the first common terrace, and a 2.4 m2 cloakroom; a 2nd floor, which has a 16.8 m2 kitchen with an entrance to the 2nd and 3rd common terraces, a hanging garden with an outdoor seating area and fireplace, a 35 m2 living room, a 2.4 m2 WC + shower; a 3rd floor, with a 10.75 m2 guest room, an 11.61 m2 bedroom, a passageway room with library and balcony, a 9.45 m2 bathroom with bathtub, sink and WC, an attic and a separate 53.2 m2 room.
It has electrical heating but also wood burning fireplaces, water and a sewerage system, telephone line, internet, and street parking in front of the building (there is no garage). The access roads are well-maintained and passable the whole year. The yearly expenses for the building operation, including all fees, is about 10,000 EUR.
Prato Sornico is the cultural monuments of Switzerland 37 km north of Locarno and about 140km from Milano (IT)

Cena: ()   1 400 000,- Kč

, Prato Sornico

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Číslo podlaží v domě1
Počet podlaží objektu5
Celková podlahová plocha404 m²
Druh objektukamenná
Stav objektupo rekonstrukci
Počet podlaží pod zemí1
Vlastní pozemek384 m²
Umístění objektuklidná část obce
TopeníÚstřední - elektrické
Připojení na internetJiné
Celková plocha404 m²
Zastavěná plocha182 m²
Plocha parcely384 m²
Užitná plocha404 m²
Plocha zahrady222 m²
Inženýrské sítěVodovod
Druh stavbyrodinný dům, rekreační chalupa, rekreační pozemek
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